Frequently Asked Questions – Securitas Epay

Here are the answers to the questions which are frequently discussed by the users of the Securitas Epay portal.

1. How To Access Securitas Epay?

• Firstly, login into your account through the company website. 
• Key in your SSN account number
• Enter your date of birth, which automatically becomes the PIN of your account
• The website itself helps you change your PIN. The PIN you choose must have six to eight characters, all of which are numbers. 
• The last step involves you selecting an option among the given three options. The three options are :
1. Income Verification
2. Paystub review
3. Personal information

2. How To Access Securitas Epay Using a Phone?

• Contact the securities epay by dialing 866-604-3729.
• Enter your SSN number
• Key in your date of birth which then becomes your pin by default 
• While changing the default, make sure to enter a pin at least six to eight digits long. 

All the characters entered should be in numbers.

3. What Information Can Be Accessed?

• It gives information regarding your balance before you receive your salary
• It provides us with the history of previous three years transactions
• It also helps avail shopping discounts
• One can receive money from any bank throughout the country without paying any transfer charges.

4. Should I change my EPay pin frequently?

The website advises changing your password to ensure that all of your information remains secure. The website every 90 days would ask you to change your password. Employees can change the password both via phone and website.

5. When will the account information be checked? 

The information will be available a day before you get your salary every month.

6. How can I change the address given on the website? 

To change your website, you will have to make sure that the information is changed with the HR department in the office.  

7. How to order a printed copy of the statement?

To get a copy of your payment statement, you will have to call 866-604-3729. You will then have to enter your fax number. 

8. What are other ways to get a printed copy?

If you can see your statement online but still want a printed copy, you can print a copy by clicking on the printer icon on the top left corner. 

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