How to Access Securitas ePay Portal?

Securitas ePay is a hassle-free online portal for checking and managing the payroll information of employees. Therefore, most of the renowned companies use Securitas ePay services to check their employees’ payroll information.

Here, we will learn the simple steps for setting up and accessing the online account of Securitas Epay. Let’s have a look at the procedures carefully to learn the process accurately to manage all the payroll accounts.


Steps to Follow for Access to Securitas ePay Online Account

We just need to follow some simple steps to get access to the Securitas ePay online account. Let’s check those-

1) Access using internet service

Step 1: Just go to your web browser and search the link You need to type the SSN or social security number on the main page of Securitas ePay. After that, you have to provide your birth date, which will become your personal PIN automatically.

Step 2: We need to set a new PIN after setting the default PIN. We can only use numbers while setting up the PIN, and it must be within 6-8 characters.

Step 3: Then, a popup window will appear on the screen to log in. Then, you need to log in to get access to your online Security ePay account. There are several options to choose from, like the submenu for Income verification, Personal information and Pay-stub review.

2) Access via-phone

We just need to dial the phone number-866-604-3729 to access it from our phone. The rest of the steps are as similar as before. After completing the log in steps, we need to do the following steps accordingly-

Step 1: We need to dial ‘1’ from our phone for getting a stay stub review or a copy of the pay stub via Fax.

Step 2: If we have previously placed any request for the Fax copy update, we need to dial ‘4.’

Step 3: To change the PIN, we have to dial ‘5.’

Step 4: For listening to the menu again, we have to dial ‘#.’

Step 5: We can dial ‘0’ for getting in touch with the customer representative.

Step 6: To finish the call, we have to dial ‘*.’

The above information can be helpful for everyone. Hopefully, now you may not face any inconvenience to access all the details of the payroll accounts. So, just go through these simple steps of setting up the PIN from the login to get access to the online account of Securitas Epay.

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