How to Change Personal Information in Securitas ePay Account?

It is quite often seen that the users using the Securitas ePay account may require changing their personal details for some reason. It is not a big deal either. All they have to do is to go to the website of Securitas ePay.

After providing the correct login details properly, the user can access the dashboard of Securitas ePay. So, let’s look at the steps below to change the personal information in Securitas ePay.

Process of Changing the Personal Information in Securitas ePay

The users can change their personal information wherever they want after entering the online dashboard of Securitas ePay.

  • Process of changing the address of the user

The user can anytime change their address information from entering into the Securitas ePay dashboard. Discuss the steps below-

Step 1: They need to visit the nearest branch of Security ePay.

Step 2: There they have to talk with any bank officials and request them to change or update the account holder’s personal information.

Step 3: The account holder can then check and confirm the updates of their profile.

  • Process of changing Email Addresses and Personal information

Step 1: The user may have seen that the email address box section leaves blank in the online dashboard of Securitas ePay profile.

Step 2: The user can anytime change the settings by clicking on the email box. It will allow the Securitas ePay services to inform the user by sending notifications in emails. The user needs not to worry about their privacy as Securitas ePay keeps all your email information secure.

Step 3: After users add their email id and contact information, they will get a password reset information in their emails. Therefore, the email must be readily accessible to the user.

Step 4: There the user can set a security question and its answer as well for securing their account.

Step 5: If the user forgot any password or PIN, they can simply click on the “Forgot password” option for recovering their password directly in the inbox of their email.

The above information can help the users to update or change their personal details whenever it is necessary. Each Time the user requires to change their personal information; they just need to follow the above steps carefully to login into the website of Securitas ePay. So, it is better to relax and utilize all the facilities of the paperless tax portal of Securitas Epay.

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