How to Login your Securitas ePay Account? [Complete Guide]

The users need to first learn the login procedure of the Securitas ePay account properly for utilizing all its facilities. All they need to do is follow some simple procedures for logging into the online portal of Securitas Epay. Here, we are going to discuss some simple steps that can be helpful for any user to log in to the Securitas ePay online account. Let’s have a proper look at all the information.


Steps to login to Securitas ePay

Step-1: We can use any web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google browser. The user just needs to type the URL- in any of those browsers.

Step-2: A popup window will appear in the top left of your PC or mobile screen to log in. After clicking on the link, we need to fill in a login detail. Let’s check the steps-


  • The first thing that we have to do is to enter a social security number. The SSN or social security number is the user ID of the account holders of Securitas Epay.
  • Then, the users need to enter the default PIN that is the user’s birth date. The user can anytime change the PIN within 6 to 8 digits.
  • At last, we have to click on the Login button.

Step-3: Then, the user can go to the dashboard of Securitas ePay if they type the login details and credentials properly. The user can do the task of their choice, such as.

  • We can change the deposit amounts or the accounts by clicking on the sub-menu of “direct deposit maintenance”,
  • For auditing any previous or current pay stub account, the user can select the “pay stub survey” option from the submenu,
  • We can also assess the obligation of name, location or any other personal data of every individual worker by selecting the W-4 update item.

So, these are the simple steps that everyone has to follow before they log in to the online portal of Securitas Epay. Hopefully, this information may help all the users of Securitas Epay. After completing the steps mentioned above properly, employers can easily access the payroll accounts of their employees. So, it is time to utilize the convenient and hassle-free online payroll management portal of Securitas Epay.

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