How to Register your Account in Securitas Epay Portal?

Securitas ePay, also termed Talx Paperless Pay, is an online portal that is very helpful for employers to make payments for their employees via the internet. Employers can also check the payroll accounts of their employees using this portal.

But, before availing of the benefits of this online portal, the user needs to sign up or register them to the online portal of Securitas Epay. The following steps can help the users understand all hooks and crooks of the registration process to the online portal of Securitas Epay.

Securitas ePay Registration Procedure

Let’s look at the registration process of the online portal of Securitas ePay-

Step 1: Anyone who wants to create an account in the commercial verifier, Securitas ePay, must access the website, i.e.,

Step 2: The user has to access the website and click on the login hyperlink on the landing page. On clicking, a separate popup window appears that allows the login option for previous users and has a new registration option. New users have to click on the “Click Here to Register!” option to continue the registration process further.


Step 3: Then, the user needs to provide personal information, such as “The first name” and then “the last name” of the employer. The user needs to register with their own SSN (social security number) or SIN number for online access to their account. 

Step 4: Next, the user needs to provide their birth date in MM/DD/YY format. Then, the user needs to press the “continue” button. 

Step 5: After step 4, a popup screen with an overview of the registration form will appear on the user’s device. Check this page and all the submitted information carefully. At last, they click on the “Submit” option to complete the steps of registration.


Step 6: After completing all the steps mentioned above, the user can log in to the online portal of Securitas ePay with their user ID, i.e., their SSN Number.

So, this is the overall process of registration to the online portal of Securitas ePay. Hopefully, all this information is helpful for the employer who is going to register in the Securitas ePay account for the first time. Just read all this information carefully and register accordingly, following all these steps.

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