Customer Support – Securitas ePay

Securitas Epay refers to an online portal used in managing, reviewing, and keeping track of the details and information of the employees that a company owns on its payroll list, which refers to confidential and personal details pertaining to a firm’s workers.

The portal, as mentioned above, is also called the paperless pay TALX. Securitas Epay keeps track of the employees’ payslips and makes them available to their employees. 

Known for its stellar customer service, Securitas Epay excels in maintaining confidential records of the employees. This makes it a great hit among both the workers and the firm.

Their core company values of Vigilance, Integrity and Helpfulness are completely upheld by their loyal workers who strive to make homes, workplaces, and communities a much safer environment to be in.

Securitas Epay has an established confidential reporting system to be used by its employees. This prevents the employee’s identity from revealing any complaint or concern regarding the firm when they register.

The Securitas Hotline is available on the phone and an online platform at any given time of day. It is not meant to replace the responsibility of management or local authorities in the event of an active emergency. 

The Securitas Epay, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are available to help all of their clients from 7:00 AM through 8:00 PM CST Monday through Friday. Just dial 866-604-EPAY (3729), which would patch the caller through to Customer Service. They would then answer questions related to their firm’s phone and online services.

They also provide due assistance for navigation, resetting passwords if the customer has been locked out, and general use of the system. 

Additionally, ePay online includes Help links that can guide those in doubt step-by-step throughout a transaction.

 Employees can address any questions about the hours or amounts paid to the Securitas USA branch office or HR Department.

Securitas EPay offers its customers a hassle-free experience. Securitas Epay provides services to employees, including payroll information and data tracking using integrated technology. This follows a systematic approach.

To gain information from or via Securitas, they need to enter their social security number and PIN. This easy no-brain way of accessing the required files adds to the simplicity of the process provided to its customers.

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